How to Submit a Perfect RFQ Package to Your PCB Supplier:

Are you new to submitting designs for RFQ’s and Manufacturing? Or do you find yourself always answering questions or verifying information when you submit for a quote? You don’t have time for that!  

Check out our guide for submitting a complete file package and RFQ details without the fuss of back and forth asking for missing information. This guide will help you get it right the first time.

Let’s Start with the Basics:

  • Order quantity
  • Lead time
  • Material: Turnkey or Consignment
  • Solder type: Lead-Free or Leaded
  • Quality and Workmanship Specification: IP-A-610 Class 1, 2, 3
  • Any Testing Service Requirements
  • Requirements for Product Conformity Records (Inspection Reports, Certificates of Compliance, etc.)
  • Requirements for Traceability
  • Any Regulatory Requirements
  • Packaging and/or Shipping Instructions

What to Include in Your Data Package

  • Bill of Materials
  • Gerber Data (files)
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Fabrication Drawing
  • CAD Data (files) or XY Placement file for SMT Process
  • Rework (Modification) Instruction
  • ECN / ECO
  • Approved Manufacturer List (AML) and Approved Vendor List (AVL)
  • Special Tool and Fixture Requirement
  • Custom parts: Drawing and Specifications for Purchasing
  • Sub-contractor List for custom parts or special processes

Let us Know your Testing Parameters

  • Test procedure and testing plan
  • Estimated Test Time and Pass Yield
  • CAD file (ODB++ file)
  • Schematics
  • Net List (XY List): ASCII Format
  • Data Sheets for Non-Library Devices