About Us


The word ‘verity’ represents accuracy and precision, which is our company’s cornerstone.  This, along with our mission of building quality products, caring for customers, collaborating for innovative solutions and delivering on-time, remains our driving force.


We care not only about your success but your journey from start to finish, making sure you have good experience in every step of the process. We pride ourselves in our quick response to your needs, in our communication to make sure you have up-to-date information on the progress of your projects, and in the commitment of our team members to provide top-notch service.


We collaborate with you by thoroughly understanding your project requirements and bringing innovative solutions based on our knowledge and experience. We start by looking at all aspects of the application as well as the ramp rate for delivery. We can help you go from NPI and prototyping builds to pilot scale runs, subsequently delivering full-scale production builds including cost-effective overseas production. We are devoted to ensuring you can minimize the time to market, save in R&D costs and better plan for future production, which will allow you to dominate the marketplace.


We promise to deliver ‘beginning-to-end’ services, including design layout, fabrication, materials management, assembly, and testing on-time by utilizing and optimizing all of our established resources. We are committed to provide the highest level of quality products and on-time deliveries to our customers including attention to the minutest detail.  We are honored to offer the most efficient manufacturing solutions and expedient customer services with full supports for all levels of production and technologies.